The Power Of Ambition

Ever asked yourself what the real power of ambition is? In this video, an unscripted Brendon Burchard gives you his thoughts on thinking big!

6 Ways To Improve Confidence

Here are 6 ways you can improve your confidence and lead a more rewarding life:

3 Biggest Reasons You Procrastinate

Here are the three biggest reasons you may have not yet started living the life you want.

Leadership Is Persuasion

There’s just as much strategy in how you present your position as in the position itself.

Workplace Cliques Similiar To High School

In a national survey 3,000 workers, 43 percent of participants said their workplace is populated by cliques.

How YouTube Thinks About Copyright

Margaret Gould Stewart, YouTube’s head of user experience, talks about how the ubiquitous video site works

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  • Faith Over Fear

    Faith Over Fear

    I have no idea if Moses really parted the Red Sea, but if Moses and his followers really believed in God, hope, and had an unwavering faith, just maybe it could’ve been a possibility.

  • Find Your Fire

    Find Your Fire

    Passion is the “hot” word of the moment. It’s been almost as abused as the word “love”. Because people have been fed a load of shit about what “passion” means.

  • Tips For Better Team Building

    Tips For Better Team Building

    Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a manager in a corporation, being able to build a successful team may determine the success of the projects you lead.

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